Why NCS?

We believe in your power and will help you unlock it.

We have deep respect for what you can and will do.

We will help you discover how you want to show up in this world and make an impact.
NCS is more than a place for skill-based learning, it’s a place where you will also uncover and shape who you are, what you need, how you relate to others, and so much more. 
We are an independent girls' school for grades 4-12 and we believe in the power of young women.

Situated on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral, a calm space of green within our bustling and busy Nation’s Capital, NCS’s highly curated environment helps each student believe in her individual power and learn to use it to actively engage in any pursuit with excellence, service, courage, and conscience. 
To help each student unlock her power, we’ve designed an experience grounded in a profoundly relational way of teaching. 
At NCS, whether she is in Lower School (grades 4 through 6), Middle School (grades 7 and 8), or Upper School (grades 9 through 12), a student both learns a skill and also questions, tries, and internalizes it for herself.
This approach is backed by highly skilled educators who are motivated to understand their students and create learning partnerships with them. These partnerships lead to students who both have the skills they need and know how to apply those skills in the world as the ethical leader they choose to be.

It is engrained in our academics, athletics, arts, and campus life – each amplifying each other to create an environment where students get consistent reinforcement and practice. 

Our long history of success validates the effectiveness of our approach. Our graduates tell us they feel prepared and ready for the world, not just in their writing or research skills, but also in their sense of self and belief in their abilities that serves as a grounding anchor for them in an ever-evolving and complex world. 

With each year after they graduate, our graduates tell us these feelings only become stronger as they realize how truly special their experience was at NCS.  NCS graduates go on to impact the world in many ways, each uniquely their own.