Dear Prospective Families,

NCS is a vibrant, special place full of purposeful activity and engagement of the body, mind, and soul. Walk into any space at NCS and you’ll see it, feel it. Our faculty and staff have the same spark as our students and work together to deliver an unparalleled educational experience.   
Through my 13 years at NCS in various roles from teacher to DEI Director to now Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid I have had the opportunity to experience this magic of NCS. I invite you to get to know NCS as well through these steps:
I look forward to meeting you and sharing more about our academic program, how students apply their talents outside the classroom, and our signature programs such as our Center for Ethical Leadership and Service and our Cathedral Services.  
As you search for your child’s next education home, I welcome you to explore a school where we live our mission to believe in the power of young women and have deep respect for what young women can and will do.   
Jessica North Macie  
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid


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  • Photo of Jessica North Macie

    Jessica North Macie 

    Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
  • Photo of Beth Gregory

    Beth Gregory 

    Associate Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Rebecca Durango

    Rebecca Durango 

    Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Photo of Tiernan Settles

    Tiernan Settles 

    Admissions Assistant

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Why A Girls' School?

Since its founding in 1900, NCS has been dedicated to the pursuit of educating girls—a pursuit validated by years of research.  Our curriculum and teaching, our sports, arts, and activities are tailored to girls’ developmental and social-emotional needs to build her belief in herself and her power. 

We enable each student to learn about herself, including how she relates to others, what she needs, and how she creates balance in her life. Because she does so away from societal expectations of what a young women should be, she is able to see the broader range of ways she can be in this world. Ultimately, each NCS student charts her own path and crafts her own identity, making choices and pulling from both herself and what she learns at NCS. Our graduates are very different individuals who are united in their NCS experience. 

While we understand the importance of a girl’s education and spend significant time on it, we also understand the need to build skills required to engage in a meaningful way in the broader world outside of NCS. Our coordinate program with St. Albans, a boy’s school just on the other side of the Cathedral, provides a wealth of co-education opportunities.  

Get to know NCS

Our campus—59 acres known as the Cathedral Close—is a dynamic place. 

Students traverse the Close frequently, on their way between NCS’s four well-equipped classroom buildings or en route to 
a service in Washington National Cathedral, a class at St. Albans, lunch with friends in the dining hall, or our state-of-the-art
90,000-square-foot Athletic Center. 
The East Terrace of the Cathedral fills with chatter as Lower School students jump rope at recess, and on sunny days, English
or language classes meet under the trees.
As a Cathedral school, NCS has the privilege of gathering as a community in Washington National Cathedral throughout the
school year for singing and dance performances, as well as lectures. Every seven school days, we
convene for an all-school
Cathedral service—a time for contemplation, fellowship, and celebration. 
An Episcopal school, NCS welcomes students of all faiths and traditions, aligned with the Cathedral’s mission to be “a house
of prayer for all people.”

See Yourself at NCS

Our students have a hunger to learn new things beyond themselves, the energy and mindset to fully immerse themselves in a topic, and a deep-seated desire to make an impact.     
They want to understand, explore, and connect with their power. 
To help each student unlock her power, we’ve intentionally designed an experience grounded in a profoundly relational way of teaching. At NCS, a student both learns a skill and also questions, tries, and internalizes it for herself. 
This approach is backed by highly skilled educators who are motivated to understand their students and create learning partnerships with them. These partnerships lead to students who both have the skills they need and know how to apply those skills in the world as the ethical leader they choose to be.