The NCS/STA Dance Program is the largest such independent school offering in the Washington area. Under the direction of Vladimir Angelov, more than 100 students attend classes in a variety of disciplines (see below for a full list) in our three spacious dance studios.

Student groups, including the Cathedral dancers and the dance team, have multiple opportunities to perform. The year culminates in the annual Dance Gala, a comprehensive show featuring projects choreographed by students, faculty, and guest artists.
The Dance Program's mission is threefold:
  • To provide students with high-quality dance training and understanding of movement;
  • To expose students to diverse dance genres and nurture movement awareness; and
  • To encourage students’ creativity and expression in dance.


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  • Broadway Dance

    Improve dancing experience in conjunction with acting and singing — in preparation to perform in the Winter Musical Theater productions.
  • Hip-Hop Dance

    Creatively combine elements of various street-dance styles with freedom for personal interpretation, danced to music genres such as funk, hip-hop, and R&B. 
  • Independent Project

    A student may design her own independent dance seminar that focuses on specific areas of interest related to dance training, research, or choreography. It may culminate in a performance at the Dance Gala in the spring.
  • Jazz Dance

    Immerse with the intense, powerful, sharp, and yet very elegant movement technique, danced to jazz music with upbeat and downbeat syncopations.
  • Modern Dance

    Encounter unique movement languages within different modern dance styles, develop body awareness, and focus on further advancing dance technique.
  • Pilates & Stretch

    Rejuvenate by stretching major muscle groups, restoring body alignment, correcting breathing, and improving strength, coordination, and range of motion. 
  • World Dance Residency

    Explore the dances of different ethnic groups and cultures from around the world, such as African, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Indian. 
  • Yoga

    Experience vinyasa — a yoga style featuring movement flow of connecting postures which offers a dynamic exercise of flexibility, breath, mediation, and relaxation. 
  • Zumba

    Get fit and work out under the Latin music rhythms and the versatile dance steps of salsa, samba, and rumba, combined with aerobic exercises and full body warmup.

Student Dance Groups

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  • Cathedral Dancers

    This classical music and movement chamber dance troupe performs regularly in the Washington National Cathedral, including during the annual Festival of Lessons and Carols, as well as at the WAISDEA Festival and elsewhere.
  • Dance Team

    This group combines jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop movement, danced to the latest chart-topping songs. It performs regularly at NCS/STA sporting events and other venues.
  • Step Team

    Step Dance is a very unique dance form because there is no musical accompaniment. Instead, the human body produces the music: Feet stomping and hands clapping are the source of rhythm, which drives the dancing. The accuracy of the body percussion and the unison execution are the key points of great step dancing.


List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Vladimir Angelov

    Vladimir Angelov 

    Dance Instructor
  • Photo of Kathryn Banks

    Kathryn Banks 

    Dance/Yoga Instructor
  • Photo of Maurice Johnson

    Maurice Johnson 

    Dance Team Director, Hip-Hop, Choreography
  • Photo of Lauren Tschirhart

    Lauren Tschirhart  

    Pilates Instructor, Dance Teacher

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