Most students will make use of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at some time during their years at NCS. Located in Scott Hall, the TLC is where Upper, Middle, and Lower School students can find academic resources and develop strategies for navigating the curriculum. The TLC co-directors also support students in building academic and advocacy strengths that will stay with them after they leave NCS, such as study skills, test-taking approaches, note-taking systems, organization strategies, and time-management methods. These services are available to every student at NCS at any time during her academic career here.

NCS teachers also rely on the TLC co-directors as a partner in lesson development, identifying appropriate resources for class, and professional development.
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  • How students use the TLC:

    • One-on-one sessions and group workshops focused on academic skills and strategy support
    • Peer Mentoring: In this program, seniors and juniors assist sophomores and freshmen in developing academic strategies to make a successful academic transition to the Upper School.
    • Peer Tutoring: A program in which Upper School students provide academic-content support to their NCS schoolmates.
    • Mindfulness activities and workshops
    • A quiet workspace
  • How teachers use the TLC:

    • Brain-based teacher resources (books, articles, classroom handouts)
    • Partner with TLC co-directors to plan and co-teach lessons related to academic skill development
    • Strategies to support student success in the classroom
    • Group workshops to provide professional development
  • How parents might use the TLC:

    • Acquire new strategies for supporting students at home (organization, time management, study habits)
    • Learn about supports or accommodations that NCS offers
    • If your student has completed an academic evaluation outside of school: Understanding psychoeducational testing and implementation of a Formal Written Plan
  • Examples of TLC Events:

    • TLC and Technology Department workshops (focus, study, and organization tools)
    • Strategies-based workshops (exam preparation, creating purposeful study plans, how to utilize your planner)
    • Mindfulness workshops and creative space (healthy study habits, time management, stress relief, spreading positivity)

Services for Students with Accommodations

NCS provides a limited number of school-based accommodations to our students who have been diagnosed with learning differences and health conditions. Special education services and specialized instruction are not offered. A prospective family considering NCS is invited to contact the Teaching and Learning Center co-directors to learn more about the accommodations and student supports we provide.

Once a student’s accommodations are approved, testing is required every five years for them to remain in place. If your student is currently attending NCS, financial aid may be available for the evaluation process. Please contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid with any questions regarding financial aid.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Samantha Neugebauer

    Samantha Neugebauer 

    Learning Support Assistant
  • Photo of Kamara Vendryes

    Kamara Vendryes 

    Upper School Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Linda Robbins-Doyle

    Linda Robbins-Doyle 

    Lower/Middle School Learning Specialist