Lower School


  • The academic program is structured such that each teacher specializes in a single subject area, allowing them to become experts in a particular field of study.
  • A strong focus on writing advances from exploring forms and styles in 4th grade to constructing paragraphs in 5th grade to developing short essays in 6th grade.
  • In the spring of 5th grade, students work in small groups using the design thinking process to create a solution to a real-world problem. Students develop a prototype, and the experience culminates with our version of a science fair, Beta Day.
  • Weekly morning assemblies bring the entire Lower School together. At each, one 6th grader takes the spotlight, making a presentation on a topic after learning the research process.
  • A 6th-grade three-day trip to the shores of the Chesapeake provides a chance for ecological study and growth in independence and friendship.
  • After-school programs provide students with fun and educational experiences outside of class.
  • The Lower School covenant is RISE, which stands for respect, integrity, service, and enjoyment. These themes guide Lower School students, as they learn about respect for themselves and their classmates, creating a strong and accepting community.  

LS Curriculum Guide