Coordinate Program

While reaping the benefits of a single-sex education, NCS students also participate in a number of coeducational opportunities with St. Albans School for Boys through both schools' coordinate program. This allows students to take advantage of each school's outstanding teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and diversity and depth of programs. And it significantly expands the academic and extracurricular options available to each young woman and man on the Close.

The coordinate program begins in Lower School, where girls and boys perform together in wind and string ensembles. In Middle School, artistic collaboration continues as drama classes, theatrical productions, and music ensembles bring together the two schools.

Coordinate opportunities increase when NCS students enter the Upper School. Nearly all art activities and classes are coordinate. English classes for grades 11 and 12 are coed, as are many elective classes. And boys and girls participate together in certain sports. Students from our schools approach these new experiences with self-assurance, a result of their single-sex education.


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  • Classes & Clubs

    Upper School English and many elective classes are coeducational. NCS students have the opportunity to further their coeducation by joining clubs with both NCS and STA members. Upper School girls and boys approach their new coeducational experiences with self-assurance, a result of their single-sex education.
    • All Junior and Senior Elective English Classes
    • All Upper School performing and visual arts classes
    • All Upper School religious life, social sciences, and science electives
    • Upper School Chinese classes
    • Computer Science classes
    • Coordinate Extracurriculars
    • Government Club
    • Debate Team
  • Arts

    In the classroom and on the stage, girls and boys work together to bring visual and performing arts to the community. Our signature arts program provides great opportunities for social interaction as they produce top-notch performances. These opportunities include:
    • Upper School theater program with three productions a year
    • Middle School theater program with two productions a year
    • Upper School Chorale
    • Chorus in Grades 7 and 8 (limited coordination)
    • Orchestra in Middle and Upper Schools
    • Madrigal singers
    • Dance program
    • Filmmaking class
    • Jazz band and percussion ensembles
  • Athletics

    The athletic programs at NCS and St. Albans are coordinate in select sports. Joint practices augment the coordinate classroom experience with the fun and camaraderie of pursuing shared athletic goals. Some coed programs travel together on supervised training trips, with the cross-country team spending the preseason in Vermont and the crew team training each spring in Florida.
    • Cross-Country
    • Aquatics
    • Voyageur
    • Track and Field
    • Crew