Visual arts students at NCS utilize the best equipment, including electric and kick wheels and kilns for ceramics, a large black-and-white photography darkroom, and a digital-art lab with many workstations. The beautiful art studio serves as both a classroom and a gallery for the annual Art Show.

Young artists can pursue a variety of passions through course offerings such as art history, drawing, bookmaking, painting, ceramics, and traditional and digital photography.

Visual Arts Gallery


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  • Photo of Amy Sinbondit

    Amy Sinbondit 

    Art Teacher; Department Chair
  • Photo of Jennifer Dorsey

    Jennifer Dorsey 

    Art Teacher, Mitre Adviser
  • Photo of Alison Maffry

    Alison Maffry 

    Art Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Zee

    Jennifer Zee 

    Art Teacher
  • Photo of Amy Farina

    Amy Farina 

    Art Teacher