Middle School


  • The curriculum builds on the foundation of Lower School and prepares students well for the clear and incisive thinking required in Upper School.
  • Coursework continues to include a strong focus on writing in all subject areas, mastery of concepts and their application in math and technology, development of technological skills, hands-on experimentation in science, and wide-ranging explorations in the social sciences.
  • Health and Wellness classes provide an opportunity to discuss age-appropriate issues ranging from peer relationships to health and nutrition.
  • Students may study Chinese, French, Latin, or Spanish.
  • Field trips provide memorable class bonding and leadership development experiences.
  • Opportunities for extracurricular involvement greatly expand with options ranging from competitive and alternative sports to geography and math meets, Model U.N., student government, and many more choices in the performing arts. Orchestra is coordinate with St. Albans in the 7th and 8th grades; drama and chorus become coordinate in the 8th grade.

MS Curriculum Guide