STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is integrated into the daily lives of NCS students. We understand scientists need design skills, mathematicians must be effective writers and presenters, and writers must be savvy data analysts. We also believe STEAM skills are integrally important to our student’s overall learning and development, facilitating creativity and building critical thinking abilities. 
That is why we deliver a spiraled curriculum that builds upon itself sequentially to develop critical skills including problem-solving, computational thinking, and creativity in our fully equipped and updated laboratory facilities and with equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, and robotics boards in each division. 
We provide students with exciting opportunities for immersive learning experiences. All science courses in all grades are lab-based and emphasize skills acquisition in addition to learning scientific concepts. Students in Lower School have access to a Makerspace – used to incorporate design thinking and prototyping into their curriculum. Students in visual arts classes engage in topics like visual communication, material science engineering, architecture, chemistry, entrepreneurship, and digital fabrication as they develop transferable skills they will carry into their life’s work.   
In and out of classes, NCS is all about doing, exploring, and trying new things. Tapping into their natural curiosity, NCS girls propose real-world experiments and then tackle them with gusto. The all-school "hackathon" and the Science Olympiad team both were initiated and are led by students.  
Our STEAM curriculum helps our students explore a range of passions and opportunities, without feeling artificially limited by external expectations. Students embrace this notion wholeheartedly with the majority of students taking four years of mathematics in Upper School and more than 25 percent exceeding four years of science.