Health & Wellness

Through the Health and Wellness Program, members of the NCS community (students, faculty, staff, and parents) build awareness and create sound habits that last a lifetime. Health and wellness includes five dimensions: intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional. All five contribute to an individual's well-being. The goal is to find a balance that satisfies the individual and achieves that well-being.

Interdisciplinary programs for students, parents, faculty, and staff explore improved health practices and decision-making pertaining to personal wellness. Students participate in classes that focus on developmentally appropriate decision-making skills. Parallel education programs for parents reinforce the healthy development of girls and provide strategies and tools. Fitness classes are also available for interested adults.

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  • More on Physical Health

    The school nurse is the primary medical caregiver for National Cathedral School. This involves providing direct emergent and urgent care to the students, faculty, and staff of NCS, implementing care plans for students with chronic health conditions, and, when necessary, communicating with parents and primary-care physicians for treatment and referral to other health care providers.
    The school nurse works within the counseling department to promote a coordinated program that furthers the health, wellness, and educational success of each student. She facilitates the support of students in their goals toward improvement of health and disease prevention and collaborates in identifying physical or emotional concerns that may limit educational growth. She participates in implementing a plan for achieving educational goals in the event of a long-term illness.
    The school nurse is responsible for monitoring immunizations and managing appropriate student exclusion in the event of a communicable disease. As a member of the NCS Crisis Team, she participates in the development of emergency response plans.

    Please note that COVID-19 vaccinations are required by NCS and D.C. Health for all students 12 years and older. 
  • More on Counseling

    School counseling is founded on the belief that each individual is unique, capable of self-direction and personal growth. NCS counselors work in collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to produce an environment that is safe for all students and helps them achieve their goals.
    The NCS counseling program examines areas such as values, resiliency, stress management, and healthy relationships. Some of this happens in individual sessions, while others take place in small-group gatherings, but every session begins with the unconditional acceptance of students.
    Through curriculum lessons, systems supports, and responsive services, we provide students with the resources and skills to help them become successful, healthy, and respected citizens.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Ivette Bohlen

    Ivette Bohlen 

    Director of Health & Wellness, and Dean of Student Life
  • Photo of Kristine Franklin

    Kristine Franklin 

    Counselor - grades 10, 11, and 12
  • Photo of Avery Gillett

    Avery Gillett 

    School Nurse
  • Photo of Jordan Masters

    Jordan Masters 

    Counselor - grades 7, 8, and 9
  • Photo of Katie Miner

    Katie Miner 

    Director of Counseling; Lower School Counselor